Local Unit Information Creating a School PTA Website


An expanded web presence can help a School PTA involve more parents, keep track of fundraisers and activities, process registration and volunteers, and receive payments.

Finding a Website Host

If you wish to have a separate PTA website apart from, but linked to, your school's website, try one of these web hosts other Jeffco School PTAs have found effective:

Webhost Link Details Example
Big Tent https://www.bigtent.com Free, Paypal payment processing at no added charge: 2.9% + $0.30 per transactio; Jane is Big Tent's free Denver Area coach for PTAs to contact

Schaffer PTA

S. Lakewood PTA

Google Sites / Google Groups http://sites.google.com, http://groups.google.com Free, build your website with sites and use groups for regular committee info and documents Wilmore/Davis PTA
Go Daddy http://www.godaddy.com Free, Website Tonight option Columbine HS PTA
MS Office Live http://www.officelive.com Free, collapsible menus and Microsoft document support Mitchell PTA
Weebly http://www.weebly.com Free, easy to use Maple Grove PTA
Parent Teach Network http://www.webptn.com Not Free, Sallie Mae payment processing also separate fee Evergreen HS PTA

Suggested Sections

Most PTAs find it important to include the following pages or sections in their website:

Board/Committee Contacts Calendar Documents
Activities Registration Volunteer Sign up
Fundraisers Sponsors Links

Obtaining a Domain Name

Rather than host your PTA page on your School's website, it can be hosted separately.  Although not necessary for all web hosts listed, many PTAs choose to have their own domain name/URL. Often schools choose to use their <school name> + "PTA.org" as their domain name.  To check if the domain name you wish to use is available and to purchase it for a low yearly fee if it is, visit a domain vendor/host such as GoDaddy.com

Online Payment Processing

School PTAs can increase funding by offering online payment processing of both checks and credit cards to allow parents and businesses to pay for PTA registration, products and events and to make donations. For more details, visit our Paynet/SchoolPay page.

Additional Resouces

Some additional tips for developing your School PTA website can be found at the Peralta District PTA.